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For the past 9 years, we've run social media for everyone from the UK's leading startups and small businesses, through to some of the world's biggest and most exciting brands. We're full service and flexible, covering strategy, creative, paid media, community management, influencers, campaigns and much more. If you want social-first thinking at the heart of your brand, then we're the agency for you.

Our Work

Our work spans a variety of brands, sectors and challenges. While we can’t show it all, here's a selection that shows David thinking on social.


Our Clients

Our clients are varied - size, age, industry. The one thing they have in common is that they want to think and act differently. Here are just a handful of them.

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Our Awards

We've been fortunate enough to win a few awards along the way, for our clients, people and our agency approach.

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30 under 30 award
Digital Impact Awards 2019 award
digital impact award 2018
drum chip shop award
drum dadi award
social media communications award
uk agency 2017 award
women in marketing award
Work With Us

"Born Social's strategy kicked us off with a bang, helped sell out our launch event and push footfall post-launch. They are an extremely passionate and talented team."

Matt Carter

Digital Director, BOXPARK

"Born Social helped us discover exactly how to communicate with our demographic and overcome the barriers we always struggled with. The creative, paid media and account team worked brilliantly together to make our project such a success."

Thalia Eley

Professor of Developmental Behavioural Genetics, GLAD

"Born Social really helped to challenge our approach to recipe content. They approached the project from a ‘platform first’ view which meant we were able to produce content that was native to each platform and more importantly was engaging and fit for purpose."

Thoko Zondo

Brand Manager, Grocery, Nando's

"Born Social improved everything we do several times over... and we're really good at what we do."

James Milligan

Director, Backyard Cinema

"I didn't know I needed a water bottle until I saw Chilly's Bottles in my news feed"

Daryl Hughes

Head of Ecommerce, Facebook

"Fantastic team with heaps of energy and expertise. They really know their social!"


Brand Manager, Valspar

"Night or day, rain or shine… Born Social have always done best by us. Thank you for everything you've done for Big Easy you're a great bunch of human beings and pleasure to work with."

Des'ree Obi

Marketing Manager, Big Easy

"Born Social played a crucial role in the development of a new social media strategy for Greenpeace UK. We were so pleased by the time they took to really understand our work and the unique space we operate in. Their audit work and recommendations steered us in a direction in-line with our mission as an organisation and I'm sure we will collaborate again in the future."

Danni Adam

Senior Marketing Manager, Greenpeace

"Born Social understood our brand challenges very quickly, created quality content alongside our TV campaign and used a detailed media campaign to get the lowest cost per lead we've ever had."

Ila Rebeiro

Brand Manager, Bio-Oil

"Born Social were fantastic start to finish for our Mother's Day campaign, very knowledgeable and achieved impressive results we are really happy with."

Laura Harrison

Senior Brand Manager, Valspar "Love Your Colour Guarantee"

"In the time we’ve been working with Born Social they’ve demonstrated enthusiasm, expertise and a clear understanding of our business challenges. They consistently produce stand-out creative, rooted in excellent strategic thinking."

Rob Salvesen

Head of Marketing, Kopparberg

"We've worked with Born Social for over a year now and have seen our best summer yet. Our goal? To make the world a little brighter by getting our products in as many hands as possible. Born Social's paid social strategy, combined with awesome creative has been our sole driver for e-commerce and driven us 2.94 Return On Ad Spend and we're now looking to expand to US and Europe with them. Highly recommend this motivated, experienced team."

Andy Jefferies

Founder, Dock & Bay


Our Services

We believe for Davids to stand out they need access to specialists. The four teams across our social media agency use their unique combination of talent, knowledge and experience to deliver just that.



Strategy defines where we're going, and how we're going to get there. We do that by working with you to diagnose your business problem, scoping the landscape to identify your opportunities, and creating a social media strategy to move your business from A to B. The why behind the what.



Our in-house content and production team. A collective of photographers, videographers, animators, copywriters and designers who always think social first. Working closely with strategy and media to make relevant, but above all, effective work.



Paid social sits at the heart of everything we do. Media lead on our distribution, they make sure what we make gets seen by the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Whether it’s advertising campaigns or paid partnerships with like minded publishers, they are measured by performance - constantly striving for the best results for the cheapest cost.



The team with their eyes on your platforms every day, making sure they run like clockwork. Everything from project management, community management, influencer management, scheduling and reporting. On the front line, 7 days a week to ensure we are performing to the best of our ability.

Why Us

Over the past 9 years, we've refined our approach to be the best suited social media agency for those who want to go toe to toe with Goliath.

Born Social.

We've been helping brands navigate social, combining leading research with technical know-how to deliver social-first strategies and campaigns. No one understands social media like our team.

Full Service.

While we touch nothing outside of social, we deliver everything within it - with specialised teams that deliver strategy, content production, community management, paid social and influencer management.


Inherent in the David mindset is the drive to out-think rather than out-spend, so we always focus on what business value social can add - not hiding behind likes, comments and shares - and build a bespoke strategy to deliver it.


We've been helping our clients deliver commercially effective social media for longer than most, and pride ourselves in being able to adapt our knowledge of social to whatever your business challenge is.

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For any enquiries you can email us, fill in the form or give the office a call.

The Blog

The home for our latest thinking about social media, and how businesses that think like David can make the most of it. We'll be posting a couple of new blogs every month.

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White Papers

The Social-First Brand

How will tomorrow’s great brands be built? Timeless truths still apply, but they need new interpretations for new environments. Enter 'The Social-First Brand', our latest whitepaper exploring our approach to brand building on social, for brands of all shapes and sizes.

Social Media in the Crisis

Consumer behaviour is going to change drastically over the next few months. As people spend more time in isolation, along with the looming threat of an economic recession, consequences shouldn’t be underestimated. Here’s our view on how brands should be approaching the current situation on social media.

The Apathy Antidote

It’s a tough world out there in a saturated social media market; if you're not standing out, people are scrolling past. Enter ‘The Apathy Antidote’, our guide to valuable social-first content. What is it? How can you achieve it? We've got you covered.

Born Social's Year In Review 2019

Presenting 'Born Social's Year In Review 2019' where we explore some of the most iconic changes and challenges to social in 2019, predictions for 2020 and the work we wish we'd made this year.

An Exploration of Culture in Advertising

The common perception is that brands kill memes. Some go even further, describing culture-based ads as hijack marketing. In this paper, we're going to be looking at the relationship between brands and their use of culture. Are there any ground rules? Is there a blueprint? All will be revealed...

David Thinking: Brand Building on Social Media

In this paper we clarify exactly what we know about how brands are built, explore what that changes for how you might currently think about social media, and pull together a social strategy framework for brand building.

The Funnel

As a business that thinks like David (not Goliath), you need to do more with less. That’s because you don’t have the luxury of limitless resources. You have to be smart with the tools at your disposal. It is our belief that the majority of Davids are currently misguided in how they are approaching social media. They have not managed to adapt their approach away from the era of organic social, and are therefore compromising on both efficiency and efficacy. Our aim in this paper is to put forward a solution to this problem. A simple framework for thinking about social strategy, designed to help you drive more from less.

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