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The Blog

The home for our latest thinking about social media, and how businesses that think like David can make the most of it. We'll be posting a couple of new blogs every month.
Tik Tok: Beyond a Fad?
If you haven’t heard about Tik Tok yet, where have you been?
Written by Calum McCahon
Feb 14 2019
What is a David?
Over the past few years we’ve had the odd (read: plenty) of questions over what exactly we mean by Davids, so I thought I’d share how we define one.
Written by Ben Tyson
Jan 28 2019
Annual roundup - 2018’s Social Media reviewed
We’re just as excited as you are for the end of the year (partly our Christmas video is at fault)
Written by Mark Shpungin
Dec 22 2018
2 Years of Instagram Stories
From ‘Snapchat rip-off’ to ‘the new feed’ and everything in between.
Written by Mark Shpungin
Sep 13 2018
Why we Don’t Report on Facebook Advertising in Google Analytics
Every advertiser on Facebook is confronted with reporting discrepancies between Facebook and Google. Here's what you do.
Written by Tom Lambert
Aug 14 2018
Facebook and Blockchain: what on earth are they up to?
Our five predictions for how Blockchain might change Facebook.
Written by Ben Tyson
Jul 28 2018
Our Values
Why and how we codified our culture at Born Social.
Written by Char Hamill
Apr 02 2018
The State of Social Media in 2017
We dig into the five key trends in social from 2017.
Written by Calum McCahon
Dec 06 2017
Approaching Social Strategy for B2B Brands
It's rare to see B2B brands get social media really right, but here are a few things to look out for in those that do.
Written by Calum McCahon
Mar 21 2017
Stories and the Convergence of Social Media
When Instagram unveiled their Stories feature, they both stole from and validated the feature that was originally born on Snapchat.
Written by Calum McCahon
Aug 29 2016