We're back with another virtual event, and this time, we're giving you our (completely honest) guide to Influencer Marketing in 2020.


In a world full of flat whites, over-priced avo on toast and #ootd, we present to you a truly revealing take on the role influencers have in social advertising. We'll be exploring common misconceptions brands have when approaching influencer marketing, what an effective influencer campaign looks like, and whether or not the pandemic has affected the role of the influencer as we know it.


This session is presented by Senior Strategist, Essi Nurminen, Senior Social Media Manager, Steph Ross, and special guest panelist, Content Creator and Author, Stephanie Yeboah



Event slides can be found here.


If we missed your questions during the Q+A, please feel free to email shout@bornsocial.co.uk.