Consumer behaviour has changed drastically in the midst of the crisis; the demand for online shopping is on the up and brands have had to rethink their eCommerce strategy or risk losing out. 


With insights and advice from Born Social Strategy Director, Callum McCahon, and Senior Paid Media Manager, James Sackey, have a watch of our latest digital event below, as they delve into eCommerce on social; what consumer behaviour currently looks like, brand stories and whether these changes are here to stay. 


Key takeaways;


1. Ecommerce is seeing huge growth during the crisis; now sitting at 30% of all retail spend in the UK.


2. That's being driven by shifts on both the supply side (with businesses pivoting their offering to ecommerce) and the demand side (our habits are drastically changing).


3. Social commerce is connecting these two, and the brands that lean in will see huge success in the months to come.



Event slides can be found here.


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