July 2020

As an agency, we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and have spent the last few weeks learning, unlearning and discussing the steps we need to take in order to be actively anti-racist, both as a business and as individuals. 


We do not want this post to be a worthy show of support. We understand this is a real and continuous fight. A fight that demands actions to overcome prejudice and discrimination. We understand this is our responsibility to learn, to educate, to face up to the challenges we have, not just within Born but within the advertising industry as a whole. There is a lot of work to be done. 


Rather than cling to the small actions we have taken as an agency to instill anti-racist and inclusive behaviour, we’ve decided that we must first lean into the uncomfortable truth of how we're still falling short when it comes to diversity and inclusion here at Born.


- We have an all white leadership team.

- We haven’t tracked the data that would show us the homogeneity of our team.

- We haven’t specifically discussed race or anti-racism with our team or clients.

- We haven’t distinguished the important difference between supporting equality and equity. 

- We haven’t got a formal partnership with any government or industry schemes to support black talent, nor do we have one of our own.

- We haven’t always proactively prioritised diversifying our team when hiring.

- We haven’t used our platform and privilege to champion black talent in our whitepapers, blogs or events.

- We haven’t made a specific, measurable and public commitment to improve representation at all levels.

- We haven’t been conscious enough of all of the above.


It’s a lot to face up to, but it’s the truth. 


We encourage other agencies to reflect on their shortcomings too, so we can all make the changes that our industry is crying out for. Hopefully we could all say plenty about the ways we already encourage diversity, but when such inequality remains this is not where the focus is best placed. What haven’t we done? What MORE can we do?


Thank you to all the people and resources that have helped us over the last few weeks, especially from the black community whose problem it isn’t.


We take a lot of pride in our values as an agency, one of them being ‘Do What You Say’. So before we say anymore, we're going to concentrate on doing. 


We want to be held accountable, so this blog will be updated with our progress towards becoming not only better allies to the black community but also more heterogeneous and inclusive as an agency.


Born Social.