This year has thrown a hell of a lot at us both personally and professionally.  At work, while we’ve no doubt gained new experiences, skills and perspectives, we’ve also lost things. From the great-to-haves; like socials and sports teams, to the nice-to-haves like face-time and free coffee, to the downright need-to-haves like physical separation between work and home and job security.  


All of these things contribute to our wellbeing, which might mean that this is the first time you’ve seriously considered your team’s physical and mental health. However 2020 shouldn’t be the reason you invest in it.  


We can’t just pay attention to wellbeing when the going gets tough because it’s just not that simple. There’s not one quick, band-aid fix for it when it breaks. That’s why we should be constantly investing in maintaining the wellbeing of our people.   


Born Social takes an always-on approach, because health and wellbeing is always-on. Focus on nurturing good mental health also builds resilience. And this is a powerful combination when it comes to team performance. 


In short, optimising for wellbeing means optimising for great work.  


So, what does this look like? Well, we are all different and the same person needs different things on different days to be at their best. So with that in mind, we’ve tried to create a holistic approach to wellbeing at work.  


Here are some of the things we offer at Born Social: 


1) Treat mental health the same as physical health.

We made a pledge to do just that, our team is encouraged to take sick days if they need them, simple.


2) Prioritise flexibility.

We use core hours and have a flexible holiday allowance to help our team get their work life balance just right.


3) Encourage openness.

We’ve created regular time to talk with team leads, meaning talking about well being is part of everyday life at Born.


4) Listen, actively.

We run regular anonymous polls through OfficeVibe, so our team can tell us how they’re doing, and feedback on how we’re doing too.


5) Giving feels good.

All our team gets to give one day to the world through a platform called Gainly where they can donate time or money to projects we all choose together.


6) Provide support.

We have one trained Mental Health First Aider for every 10 people in the business, spanning all teams. They can spot signs of poor mental health, help identify any trends within the business and offer advice on where to get professional help.


7) Provide professional support.

We give everyone access to free therapy and counselling through Spill.


8) Leave it to the individual.

Everyone gets a £30 wellbeing budget every month to spend on anything that contributes to their mental or physical health. 


Does everyone use all of them? No. 


Does everyone use something? Yes.


Has it helped us through 2020? Without a doubt. 


It might sound like a lot and maybe it is but it’s important and beneficial in so many ways and we hope we’ve convinced you of that.  


Want to talk wellbeing at work? Or just people ops in general?  We’d love to chat. 


Email for any questions!