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What's our approach to paid media?

Written by James Sackey - Apr 18 2019
What do we mean when we think of ‘paid media’? Industry wide, it’s a very broad umbrella term that can be used to describe a variety of disciplines - paid social, search and display, usually. Therefore, it’s important to really define what paid media means at Born Social, our approach to it, and how our paid media offering can help clients to achieve their business goals. 

What does paid media mean to us at Born Social?

It’s important to understand that across the industry there are a number of agencies that offer paid media, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they all offer clients the same service. To define paid media at Born, we have to first think about what we are not:

  • We are not just a performance marketing agency.
  • We are not just another line on a media laydown. 
  • We are not a ‘Goliath’ agency whose priorities lie elsewhere.

What do we mean by this? Well, we do not have a team fiddling with ads 24 hours of the day to manipulate the algorithm into generating results. Business results are our main objective, but we take a different approach to achieve them. We don’t out-spend, we out-smart. Social is our primary concern whilst others often treat it as an afterthought. 

Instead, we are:

  • Results driven, helped by creative. 
  • Agile, in the truest sense of the word. 
  • Experts, who know the discipline inside out. 

We are led by the fundamental belief that no matter what a client’s objective, there is a place for paid media, whether that involves sales activation, brand building, or more commonly, a combination of the two. 

‘Goliath’ agencies often struggle to adapt to the pace of change. We are different by being truly agile, able to react quicker to trends than others, to turn around briefs faster than others, and being able to do more with less than those around us. 

Fundamentally, we know a lot about social media, and we know what good Social looks like (we’ve been doing it for almost 10 years after all!) so we are confident that our approach generates the best results for our clients. 

How does this shape the work we do?

Our approach to paid social media is defined by three key principles:

Creative is how we make our impact.
Social in 2019 is noisier than ever. Users see up to 5000 ads a day, so to stand out amongst them, your creative needs to be really strong. Our creative team has direct access to performance based insights, which has helped them to develop an understanding of the type of ad that will get users to convert. Creative is one of the few remaining things Facebook lets you have complete control over, which means it has to be as good as it possibly can be.

Strategy and audiences are key.
We aren’t afraid to say that the algorithm knows best, so we don’t waste our energy trying to fight it. Instead, we get our strategists to build audiences from speaking to real people and allow the algorithm to find the most valuable users from within. We then test multiple audiences to find the absolute best performer - and repeat.  We think this generates better results, and have the results to prove it.

Results are key, but not at the expense of your brand.
Social is unique in its ability to generate purchase intent as well as brand awareness, and we’ve built our reputation on taking lesser known brands and turning them into household names. What drives us is repeating that success for new clients, whatever sector they might compete in.  We are an agency and team driven by growth.

We believe that these three principles make us different to those around us when it comes to paid media, and brilliantly placed to impact clients’ businesses regardless of their long term and short term goals.