Welcome to our Platform Update blog series, keeping you in the loop with industry news and platform changes. Read on to see what's been making the rounds in the last few weeks; from Q&A video functions for TikTok to a new Hashtag feature on YouTube. Let's go!



Instagram has added a brand new Content Publishing API (Application-Programming Interface) to its Graph API Platform, making it easier for businesses to publish content. The API supports scheduling and publishing of single-photo or single-video posts to feed for business accounts, and has been tested with partners including Hootsuite, Sprinklr and Sprout Social. For now, only business accounts will be able to schedule content, and only via third-party platforms. 


Instagram Professional Dashboard


Instagram has also announced the launch of a new 'Professional Dashboard', which is essentially a management overview platform that provides basic performance insight, as well as access to relevant tools, to help Instagram creators maximize and monetize their platform presence. The dashboard will allow users to track their performance, grow their business by accessing tools and checking their monetization status and eligibility, and stay informed with access to educational resources. 




Excitingly, YouTube is fully embracing the ‘Hashtag’ with the launch of a new feature that allows users to better discover content. When you click on a hashtag, you’ll be taken to a dedicated landing page that contains only videos associated with that hashtag. As it stands, there’s no filter for date posted or most viewed, but enough to remedy the dog content we all want and need in these trying times.


Hashtags on Youtube




Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, Clubhouse is the new “drop-in audio app” making waves in the world of social (so much so, we wrote a blog about it). Once you register for the invite-only iPhone app, you can then join an audio conference, moderated by a few people, and in order to speak, you raise your hand and wait for an invite. It’s completely audio-only, so there’s no video or text chat (a welcomed break from the many screens we look at each day). It’s not on Android (yet) and there’s currently no desktop version either. The ‘networking-meets-podcast-meets-Twitter’ app is currently free to all users and doesn’t yet offer any kind of premium plan or method of charging users, nor is it ad-supported, though this may change as it starts to garner more interest. Watch this space! 






TikTok is testing a new video Q&A feature that allows creators to directly respond to their audience’s questions with video replies or as a livestream. Q&As are a big part of the commenting experience on TikTok, with many creators often responding to individual comments by publishing a new video that explains their answer in more detail. This feature aims to build on it, with TikTok saying the Q&A feature is currently being tested globally, and they aim to roll out it to more users with Creator Accounts in the weeks ahead. Exciting!


TikTok Video Q&A



That’s all folks! See you in March for more platform updates.