Tomorrow’s great brands will be built on the foundations of timeless truths, but they need new interpretations when it comes to new environments, as we explored in our latest white paper, The Social-First Brand.


Take the question of scale. We know that marketing is a numbers game; brands grow by increasing their penetration, focusing on reach. Don’t just focus on the heavy buyers; scale is fundamental.


But digital has brought with it a splintering of attention; across devices, platforms and formats, and there’s no longer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to achieving that scale.


The route forward? Channel Clusters.


Join us for Part 2 of our "Social-First Brand" event series, where we’ll be taking you through the Channel Clusters approach in more detail. Hosted by Senior Social Media Manager, Steph Ross, Strategist, Emily Williams, and Creative Strategist, Ruby Ktori, tune in below as they explore how to diversify your channel mix and how to tailor your content for each platform.





Event slides can be found here.


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