In the fifth and final event in our Social-First series, we turn our attention to the final pillar of The Social-First Brand - Full Funnel.


We know it’s crucial that brands balance long-term brand building with short-term sales activation - but for many brands, they end up fighting against each other, for budget, priority, and attention. In reality, they need to work together. And social provides the environment and tools to do so.


Tomorrow’s brands will bring long and short together with a ‘full funnel’ approach - and social commerce will play a crucial role in getting them there.


Watch as we explore why everyone is talking about social commerce right now, looking at how it’s set to evolve over the next few years, and how your brand can get started.


You’ll walk away with;


- An understanding of what social commerce actually is.

- Key principles for getting it right.

- Best-in-class examples of brands doing it well.



Event slides can be found here.


To download the full whitepaper, head here


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