Tomorrow’s great brands will be built on the foundations of timeless truths, but they need new interpretations when it comes to new environments, as we explored in our latest white paper, The Social-First Brand.


In the fourth event in our Social-First series, we turn our attention to culture, and the role that brands should be playing in creating it.


We know that the strongest brands don’t exist on a one-to-one basis - they hold their place within culture at large, being present in those shared moments.


But in today’s environment, culture has evolved. In a world dominated by algorithms, we’re all on our own path of hyper-personalised, individualistic and idealistic pursuits. Culture is more fragmented than ever before, and we are now in the age of Scaling Subcultures.


Subcultures are no longer niche - far from it. Social has given them scale. So how should brands be adapting?


Tune in below as we share our advice on how to:


- Identify the right subcultures for your brand

- Understand and embody the ‘cultural codes’ of subcultures

- Uncover how your brand can add value over the long term




Event slides can be found here.


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