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We launched BOXPARK’s newest and biggest site yet, selling out their massive launch event in the process. The most impressive part? It’s in Wembley. (Sorry Wembley.)

When was the last time you went to Wembley that wasn’t to visit the Stadium or Ikea? Exactly. Amongst Londoners, Wembley Park isn't considered a destination unless you're piling through with 90,000 other football fans, on your way to see Adele or picking up some flatpack furniture. BOXPARK were on a mission to make Wembley a place to Eat, Drink and Play when the football isn't on.
The Strategy.
Telling people to go to BOXPARK Wembley wouldn’t work. We needed them to want to go. So our plan was to show people content they actually care about. We targeted 4 key audiences: sports fans, concert-goers, Wembley locals and design outlet shoppers. And in-turn developed a creatively-led paid media strategy to take each audience through a 3 stage journey:
1. Build Hype: The first goal was to tell as many people as possible that BOXPARK was coming to Wembley. We created bold, thumb-stopping hero videos for each demographic but served them all to a wide audience. The data on who engaged with which video informed the content we served them in the next stage.
2. Create FOMO: Using content from the VIP launch event, we retargeted those who engaged with our ‘Build Hype’ content with tailored videos, showing them what they were missing out on at BOXPARK Wembley. To drive social proof, we simultaneously ran a UGC campaign, rewarding visitors with a free pint in return for a geo-tagged post on social media.
3. Drive Footfall: Our target audiences by this point were undoubtedly invested and nicely warmed up. All they needed was a call to action. And that’s exactly what we gave them with the big launch - a 2000 person event, headlined by Rinse FM. Once we had them at a launch event, we knew that their experience at BOXPARK Wembley would keep them coming back to Wembley Park, time and again.
The Results.
During the launch period, we achieved:
4.5 million
video views
1 million
people reached
customers engaged
new fans in 3 months
Sold Out
the Rinse FM launch party
The Work.
The creative was focused around two things. We started with thumb-stopping social trailers designed to build hype for the launch. We followed this with the ultimate launch weekend coverage showcasing the eating, drinking... and playing
Born Social's strategy kicked us off with a bang, helped sell out our launch event and push footfall post-launch. They are an extremely passionate and talented team.
Matt Carter
Digital Director, BOXPARK
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We launched BOXPARK’s newest and biggest site yet, selling out their massive launch event in the process. The most impressive part? It’s in Wembley. (Sorry Wembley.)