There’s no doubt that Champo’s products are better than many of their competitors. Better ingredients, better results, and better for the planet. But our audience didn’t know that; in fact, they barely knew Champo at all. Not only did we have to make noise at the awareness stage, we had to educate our audience; but getting the message out wasn’t easy. Champo were entering a fiercely competitive space dominated by big brands (with even bigger budgets). So we needed a route to market that would build credibility – and fast.

The Strategy.

Our strategy was split into 4 parts;

1) Credibility

What’s the best way to build credibility? With credible people, of course. Influencers. Opinion leaders. Movers and shakers of the industry. We had to get them all on our side, vouching for the products in an authentic way.

2) Influence

Chāmpo had already established strong relationships with some high-profile names from shows such as Made in Chelsea, but we needed to increase their sphere of influence in niche communities too.

3) Partnerships

Alongside our major partnerships with macro-influencers, we also partnered with a number of micro-influencers on Instagram; an eclectic mix of beauticians, fashionistas and relatable everyday types.

4) Get more from less

Chāmpo had also earned features in high-authority publications including Vogue and Elle; so we used this as a springboard to earn trust and justify the high-end price to our audience.

The Results.
People reached (since Jan'19).
Lifetime return on ad spend.
Bottles sold (since Jan'19).
Revenue in paid spend alone (since Jan'19).

The Work.

With our army of influencers mobilised, we briefed them on how to create content that aligned with Chāmpo’s core message. As with any influencer campaign, it was important that it felt authentic. So we gave our influencers free reign to create their own content; showing them using the products in their everyday routine.