Chilly's Bottles

Our task was to produce a campaign that shined a light on Chilly’s community of creative talent, while bringing new audiences into the fold. But with the complete closure of workplaces across the UK, our options for producing creative content were limited (like, seriously limited). On top of that, we had to pacify the potential backlash from customers who had placed orders before lockdown, but hadn’t received them.

The Strategy.

Over the last 18 months, Chilly’s had been championing creativity by working with independent artists and illustrators for their bottle designs. As a pillar of their brand identity, Chilly’s wanted to further build on relationships with artists by giving them a platform to promote their skills. The big idea? A community-driven campaign where we gave #CreativesEverywhere a blank canvas to reimagine Chilly’s bottle designs. Not only did this create meaningful brand engagement, it also gave freelance creatives free exposure on Chilly’s social channels. Everyone wins.

The Results.
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The Work.

Once we announced the competition, Chilly’s community did the rest. And it wasn’t long before a steady stream of user-generated content flooded our news feeds. With over a thousand bottle designs submitted, we created a compilation of the best entries that captured Chilly’s aesthetic.