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Luxury social first assets that generate growth and engagement at a local level.

We were brought on to run the Kiehls UKI accounts in the Summer of 2015. They had one key challenge, how do we create assets that are representative of our Lux status that generate growth and engagement at a local level?
The Strategy.
Assets being shared globally disregarded local nuances and most importantly weren’t social first. Lux brands in any industry require creative execution that represent the quality of their brand, however social is often seen as a ‘rough and raw’ platform meaning budget doesn’t get allocated to premium, social first assets. Enter Born Social. Our content strategy is twofold: Firstly give the local user a visual that captures their attention when scrolling through the feed, the beauty industry and Instagram is saturated with content, something has to make that thumb stop scrolling so the importance of feeling local is even greater. The imagery needs to be innovative, premium and relevant. Secondly our copy needed to be educational, Kiehls is more than just skincare, it’s science and frivolous copy wouldn’t engage our consumers. We’ve worked alongside beauty writers, product experts and industry leaders giving us the ability to offer our community the thought leadership and skinfluencial content they crave and the engagement speaks for itself.
The Results.
The results
Instagram engagements in 2018
New followers in 2018
Increase in Instagram engagements in 2018
Instagram account growth in 2018
The Work.
Over the last three years we have created still and video assets for both always on and product launch campaigns focusing on Instagram as our lead platform.
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Luxury social first assets that generate growth and engagement at a local level.
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