Kopparberg had enjoyed a strong year in 2018 which set us in good stead for the year ahead. But amongst a challenging landscape with big threats from competitors, they needed to stay memorable. We knew that the best way to do this was to build an emotional connection with their target consumers by aligning ourselves with the things they genuinely cared about; music, live events and festivals.

The Strategy.

Our strategy comprised of three main components.

1) Amplify 'Outside Is Ours'.

Kopparberg’s above the line “Outside is Ours” campaign had some serious success in 2018, but it didn’t live outside the summer months; we needed to build a connection all year round. Our always-on activity focused on amplifying this message, through a seasonal lens. The first part of the year focused on building anticipation for summer, the summer months doubled down on Kopparberg’s natural peak, and the last part of the year focused on nostalgia.

2) Embed In Culture.

Our audience research identified that music was the strongest cultural pillar to hone in on. Kopparberg were already sponsoring a variety of high profile festivals, but in order to create credible connections in the music space, they had to go beyond commercial gain. Thus ‘The Festival Insider’ was born; a completely unbiased guide to the best of the independent music festival scene, immersing our core audience in a totally bespoke guide to instant experiences that gave them everything they needed to plan their perfect summer.

3) Recruit Next Gen.

Kopparberg had developed an exciting new product that could take on the dark fruit market whilst retaining their more premium positioning within the category. We knew this new product would appeal to 18-24s so we designed our launch campaign around immersive full-screen stories that lived across instagram and snapchat hitting the key audience and giving the product maximum visibility and drama. Deploying a two phased, high impact campaign to drive recall and consideration - Kopparberg. Went. Black.

The Results.
CPM (58% decrease from 2018)
Second dwell time on the Festival Insider.
Message association.
Ad recall (7.6% increase from benchmark).

The Work.

Through vibrant, seasonal photography shot in cool locations, with interesting, personable talent, we have been able to create a stunning catalogue of images that have helped elevate the brand’s social channels to go much further than the classic product shots that their competitors focus on.

In the time we’ve been working with Born Social they’ve demonstrated enthusiasm, expertise and a clear understanding of our business challenges. They consistently produce stand-out creative, rooted in excellent strategic thinking.

Rob Salvesen
Head of Marketing, Kopparberg