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Bringing 200+ years of rich brand history to life, and going toe to toe with Goliath (Dulux).

Valspar approached us in 2017 with a common challenge, they worked with a brilliant set of agencies who delivered high level brand strategy and television campaigns but their social presence was an afterthought. They were well established with 200+ years of rich brand history and a great product but comparatively limited brand awareness and consumer engagement at a social level.
The Strategy.
Our strategy consisted of four key elements, firstly the understanding of their differing audiences and how seasonality impacts their buying cycle. A consumer typically spends 2-4 weeks making a decision on their paint purchase, Valspar needed to be in the consumers' newsfeed at each step- Identification of need, Inspiration, Education and Engagement. This wasn't about short term purchase pushing but long term emotional brand engagement. We outlined a year long strategy, creating content for each phase of a consumers buying cycle and used paid media to ensure it reached the right people at the right time.
1. Brand Awareness videos to find people before they've identified the need for redecoration. We utilised the high impact TVC assets for this. Showcasing the brands' exciting offering of colour.
2. We used influencers and curated lifestyle content on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to ensure we were the most aspirational paint brand. Our feeds as a look book rather than product promotion inspiring change in the home.
3. We used influencers how to videos, Instagram stories, action carousels and UGC to educate our consumers on how to purchase and use the product. Easily accessible content to guide them through the daunting task of purchase and execution.
4. Twitter and Facebook were used at the end of the buying cycle to encourage consumers to share and continue to engage with the brand. Knowing their next project might not be far away.
The Results.
After a year of contributing to a wider marketing campaign within an agency group, Valspar saw the largest increase to date of 30% in UK brand awareness. We drove 16,758 people who had previously engaged in our content to the 'where to buy' section of the website. With an average offline conversion rate of 5% at B&Q and an average order value of minimum £40 - 837 people bought paint as a result of Facebook advertising, generating £33,516 revenue.
engagements in 2018
increase in followers
Clicks to 'Where to Buy' Section of the website
revenue generated
Return Of Advertising Spend
The Work.
The creative is focussed on bringing together inspiration and information. Colour and creativity play a key role as well as Instagram stories and highlights to make sure Valspar followers want to use colour and know how to.
Fantastic team with heaps of energy and expertise. They really know their social!
Brand Manager, Valspar
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Bringing 200+ years of rich brand history to life, and going toe to toe with Goliath (Dulux).
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