Our objective was simple; convince women of all age groups that Veet’s dermaplaning kit is the most effective way to remove facial hair. It's a sensitive subject; we couldn’t just tell all women to get rid of the peach fuzz on their face (that could get hairy). So we had to be mindful of our audience, continue to challenge stigma, and make sure we weren’t at odds with Veet’s ‘your body, your choice’ message. The brief required us to answer the why’s and the how’s; we had to carefully unpack the key benefits of dermaplaning while showing people how they could do it at home.

The Strategy.

Our strategy was split into three key phases:

1) Different Audiences

Starting from the bottom, we segmented Veet’s audience into three different subsets – each holding a different attitude towards removing facial hair. We knew that if we were going to strike a chord with each segment, we would have to create a tailored message according to their attitudes.

2) Re-Target and Educate

Once served with an advert, each segment was retargeted with either sensitive or bold messaging about dermaplaning to push them further down the funnel. But our research from consumer surveys revealed a key insight: many people didn’t know what dermaplaning was. So alongside our paid campaign, we partnered with a number of influencers and deployed a series of ‘how-to’ videos to educate people on dermaplaning.

3) Influencer Categories

We wanted to engage with a variety of women, not just a narrow segment – so we worked with two types of influencer to create wide appeal: 'The Experts’, who are beauty bloggers and specialists in beauty and skincare, and 'The Enthusiasts’, influencers who are unlikely to have tried dermaplaning, but have an interest in skin care. In total, we teamed up with 50 micro-influencers – 25 from each group. We also worked with 5 mid-macro influencers to extend our reach to the masses.

The Results.
CTR Increase for Reckett Benkiser.
Audience Sentiment Increase (Launch Day)
Brand Lift Increase.
Growth Of Sales In The First Week (At Boots)

The Work.

With a multipronged approach to content activation, we deployed a mix of short and long-form content on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Short-form content was used to introduce dermaplaning to beginners, while long-form content was used for product tutorials and in-depth walkthroughs.